In recent years, the travel industry has shifted an ever-increasing portion of their marketing focus to the Internet. The reason is that it works. As Internet marketing goes mainstream, smart marketers recognize the need to find new tools to differentiate their businesses. More effort is being invested in improving the user experience, in order to increase close rations and achieve sales goals.

One strategy that is being embraced widely is online 360° virtual photography. Virtual photography marketingocean-walk-daytona-mobile-thumb-001 allows potential customers to view a property in a user-friendly way that dramatically enhances their comprehension of what the location has to offer. Through 360° panoramas, web visitors feel as though they have been transported to the location, as they can swing the panoramic view in any direction to explore all there is to see, right on their computer, for a totally immersive experience. In business circles, the term immersive experience is being heard a great deal. It is the new mantra in web design, and nothing does it better than a 360° interactive virtual tour.

It is now time for hoteliers to realize the substantial impact virtual photography delivers, and the influence it has on customer choices. It is time for hoteliers to include highdefinition 360° virtual tours on their web sites and social media platforms, as this is where today’s travelers are searching out the locations for their next trip. When a prospective customer visits a web site, thsheraton-denver-mobile-thumb-001ey need to be enraptured by what they see, and not leave without making that ever-precious reservation.

Competition is fierce, in world of Internet marketing. To reach the top, one must offer the very best. In Internet marketing today, a key tool is the 360° HDR virtual tour.

By: Chris Sanchez