360-Degree HDR Photography is the latest marketing trend. The user only needs to scroll over the image to get an awesome view of the rooms and the facilities in the hotel or resort. This photographic view can give the feel of actually being there, and the user is able to decide whether he wants to visit the hotel or not.

Unlike earlier days, there is a lot of competition amongst the hotels, and they depend upon these new marketing techniques to give themselves a competitive edge. In fact, the users decide on the hotels, based upon the image that they form, by checking out the hotel’s website. After all, they do not visit the hotels physically for deciding on the hotels. So, the hotels can make a high-impact on the users through this channel.  And, they can top it up with some effective social media marketing, by posting blogs, videos, and photos on the social media networks. A good promotion will lead to more website traffic, and will bring in more revenue for the hotels.

Pottawottomi Inn Patio

Article By: Chris Sanchez – Clear Vision Media