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As a full-service Agency, Clear Vision Media has you covered. Below are our product offering and portfolio. We are always adding new services to help our client’s gap fill their marketing and advertising needs.

Community Super Tour

Clear Vision Media is an Industry Leader in Creating Immersive Communities 360° Super Tours.

Matterport 3D Hotels/Spaces

Create a connection even before your guests arrive.

Google Street View Tour

Instantly see a Google Street View of any supported location. Easily share and save your favorite views.

Reputation Management

Reviews, accurate business information, and social media activity impacts your reputation

Get a Google Street View Virtual Tour

Clear Vision Media is a strategic media content development company focused on Immersive Virtual Tours, Google Street View, Reputation Management, Small Business Marketing and Digital Agency Services. A Clear Vision Media Virtual Tour is fully immersive, interactive and engaging.

3D Virtual Reality

Affordable and Effective Virtual Tours by Clear Vision Media
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Clear Vision Media is a listed Google® Agency

Warsaw, Indiana


Getting your customers to engage with your business is vital for generating initial investment in your service or product. If they trust your brand, then they will trust your service. Boost this engagement by simply showcasing the ambiance, design, character, décor and the qualities that are unique to your business.

Influence Customer Decisions

Humans are extremely visual, and in the virtual world, businesses rely on graphic design and quality content to appeal to their customers. Adding value with a visual representation of how you work, and where, engenders a sense of transparency and confidence in your business.

Increased Sales

Incorporating a solid visual display of where you work is can greatly impact your sales. Virtual tours achieve over 5 million visits a day, and sites with an embedded tour can receive up to 40% more views than competitors who lack interactive media. A staggering 82% of people surveyed stated that being able to visit a business site virtually would be a deciding factor in their custom.

Stand Out

With Google Street View, you can show that your finger is on the pulse of brand new technologies. Demonstrate to your customers that your business is able to adapt and innovate with current trends, and move with the digital revolution.


Clear Vision Media is a content creation production company specializing in integrated SEO, Content and Social Marketing. We combine smart perceptiveness, creativity, and mechanical expertise to earn businesses exceptional on-line coverage.

Social Media Promotion

Creating great content is only half the battle. We help coordinate organic and paid content promotion that cuts through the social chatter and inspires your customers to take action.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!
Clear Vision Media has worked with the Steuben County Tourism Bureau for almost a decade and he continuously brings new and innovative ideas to the forefront. Chris has the ability and industry expertise to present products and services that are cutting-edge and creates them on time, on budget and on target. He works directly with our suppliers as an extension of our office. I highly recommend Chris! June Julien

Executive Director, Steuben County Tourism Bureau

I have had the opportunity to use Chris’s services countless times and have always been amazed at the great results. In advertising, it always hinges on budget and the ability to meet unfair deadlines. Chris has helped me meet both over and over again. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone interested in his services. He’s competent, easy to work with and able to produce your vision. Rob Hartzler

Senior Art Director, TaigMarks

We contracted with Chris and his Video Production Services to install, service and generate graphic and video content for a network of 12 self-standing, touch-screen computer kiosks to disseminate tourist info to visitors at our city’s hotels, airports, attractions and convention center. His expertise, involvement, even partnership helped create a system that is one of the most dependable and effective in the nation. Dan O'Connell

President/CEO, Visit Fort Wayne (Convention & Visitors Bureau)

Clear Vision Media is a strategic Digital Marketing Agency focused on the Travel and Tourism industries.

Our innovating Immersive VR products and services are like no other. We create eye-catching “WOW” kind of media productions.

Clear Vision Media is one of the fastest growing Immersive 360-degree Virtual Reality super virtual tour service providers. Over the years, we have grown to be among industry leaders in providing creative 360-degree immersive Virtual reality super tours for communities, downtown and city centers. Our services are tailored towards those communities and city centers that want to expose their tourism potential to the outside world. Our expertise and professional approach to creating immersive virtual reality Super Tours have led us to achieve many milestones, and we constantly aspire to soar higher.

We have created several Virtual Super Tours for many communities, and some of our most recent projects are; Fort Wayne, Indiana, St. Pete, Florida, and Steuben County, Indiana. We expose these exciting locations to the world of tourism through our innovative virtual reality super tour creation. We can create the right 360-degree virtual reality super tour services on time while taking excellence delivery and quality services as a priority.

Since inception, we have endeavored to continually develop ourselves into a multi-service, multi-facet and a highly qualitative organization with a high level of expertise, professionalism, and service-oriented market response.

Chris Sanchez of Warsaw, Indiana is the Principal Partner of Clear Vision Media

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